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Does West Slope Ag carry Non-GMO and Organic feed?

We carry Non-GMO in all types of animal feed and can custom blend to your specific needs. Organic feed is available by custom order however we can supply your needs.

Does West Slope Ag carry Olathe Sweet Corn?

Yes, we carry both varieties and we ship them all over the United States. It is sold by the lb.

Do you deliver the bulk bags?

Yes we do, however, the customer is responsible to have a way to unload the bag(s). There are two types of bags ranging from 600 lbs – 2000 lbs

What should I feed my chickens?

We suggest laymash for your laying hens. This gives them the required nutrients needed to produce great eggs. Hen Scratch and cracked corn are great treats but not a complete feed

Why won’t my chickens lay in the winter?

Lights are very effective to increasing your egg production during the short winter days. Use timers connected to your lights to simulate longer days.

Do you carry any veterinary supplies?

Yes, we carry a range of products. Contact us for more specifics on what we have in stock.

Can we order feed in bulk for my 4H or show animals?

Yes you can. Show feed is expensive since most mills sell by the bag. You can order a minimum 600lbs of show feed and save with our bulk feed prices

What should I feed my pigs?

Butcher hogs need to start with our 18% protein hog feed. As they grow we reduce to 16% and then finish with our 14% hog feed. We have feeding solutions for your hog breeding program as well.

What should I feed my old horse?

We have a house brand Old Horse Feed or Purina Equine Sr that we recommend however there are many solution or options to this and we recommend contacting us with your specific questions or needs.

Should I use dry fertilizer on my field?

Yes, fertilizer is an investment into the quality of your soil. Every soil type and situation is different, we recommend that you contact us and provide a soil sample so we can offer the correct solution for your soil and crop.

Should I feed grain to my beef?

Yes, research has shown that grains can increase the marbling of your beef. We recommend finishing your beef with one of our custom grain mixes. 

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