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West Slope Ag Center

Many Items Inside and Out

Custom Feed Samples

Samples of a few of the custom feeds made here at our mill.


Premium wood pellets sold by the bag or the ton.

Rabbit Feed

Purina, Country Acres & Agland rabbit

Horse supplements

Horse supplements for extra fat, protein and hay savers.

Purina Horse Feeds

Many Purina horse feeds available.

Vitalix Tubs

Vitalix tubs for all species.

Heavy Duty Hay Tarps

Heavy duty hay tarps available in many sizes.

Dog Food

Many dog varieties including Victor, Red Flannel, Country Acres, Dog Chow, rawhides & ears.

Cat Food

Cat foods include Red Flannel, Exclusive, Country Acres, Cat Chow & Feline Medley.

Purina Chicken Feeds

Purina chicken feeds crumbles, pellets & Flock raiser

Calf Starting

Calf Growena, Startena & Nurse Chow 100 for all your calf starting needs.

Hi-Octane Supplements

We offer Hi-Octane supplements for those show animals.

Farrier Supplies

Need farrier supplies? We got them! Shoes, nails, race plates, Equi-paks, tools & hoof care products.

Ranch Tools

Everyday ranch tools including shovels, rakes, manure forks, tie down straps, tire wire and more.

Pet Supplies

Pet supplies including water & feed dishes, shampoos, milk replacer & bottles, collars & leashes.

Rodent Supplies

Rodents taken over? Traps, bar bait and pellets.

Horse Supplies

Horse supplies for all your daily needs. Fly repellents & masks, wormer, supplements, liniments, wound care and more.

Cattle Blocks

Cattle blocks including Bloat, protein, mineral & rumensin.

Lawn Seed

Bags of lawn seed from 5lb to 50lb.

Lawn & Garden Supplies

Many lawn & garden supplies including seeds fertilizer & bug killers.

Weed & Grass

Weed & grass killers for small & large jobs, weed sprayers

Milk Supplement

Have babies needing milk supplement? We have you covered, colts, lambs, calves, goats & piggies.

Sure Champ Supplements

Sure Champ supplements for all show species.

Sunglo Supplements

Sunglo feeds and supplements for all show species.

Vitacharge Supplements

Show Supplies

Show supplies and daily grooming supplies on hand.


Using tarps for daily cover needs.

Grooming Products

Show grooming and daily coat conditioners.

Buckets & Scoops

Buckets & scoops of all sizes & colors for feed & water.

Water Tanks

Many water tanks in all different sizes and heaters to match.

Chicken Products

Chicken water & feeders, heaters, bulbs and supplements.

Feed Truck Deliveries

Feed truck hard at work doing a home delivery.

Field Fertilizer & Seed

We can take care of all your field fertilizer & seed needs. Custom mixes per your fields needs.

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